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McCready Foundation Building a Healthy Community One Person at a Time

Welcome to McCready

What's New!  

McCready Outpatient Center  is accepting new patients!

All ages are welcome. Please call

410.968.1801 to schedule an appointment today!

What We Do!

McCready Foundation healthcare facilities in Crisfield, MD are committed to being the first choice for the people in Somerset County and the lower Eastern Shore seeking immediate and long-term medical care.

Through our hospital, outpatient center, nursing home and Chesapeake Cove,our Assisted Living facility, we are "building a healthy community, one person at a time." We provide comprehensive, coordinated care by focusing on prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. We deliver on that promise by emphasizing and embracing these core values.

The McCready Foundation is a Joint Commission Certified Hosptial.


The McCready Foundation has won the 2012 Excellence Award for Quality Improvement given each year by the Delmarva Foundation. This is the sixth time the McCready Foundation has won this prestigious award.

McCready Foundation
201 Hall Highway
Crisfield, MD 21817


Find us at:

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Click below to find us at the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore



When a McCready bill arrives in the mail, contact our business office to learn about qualifying for FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE based on annual income.


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