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Advance Directives

What would happen if you were seriously ill or unconscious and were unable to tell your doctors or nurses what kind of care you do or do not wish to receive? Would you want every possible extreme measure taken to prolong your life? Would you want nothing or very little done if you were near certain death? What about your funeral arrangements, or donating your organs? Who would you trust to convey your wishes to your health-care providers if you cannot? 

You can make your wishes known by executing an Advance Directive. In this document, you can spell out what health-care procedures you want, and under what circumstances. You can appoint trusted friends or relatives to make your wishes known to your caregivers. You can even prepare additional Advance Directives to meet special regulations in other states in which you vacation or live part time.

If you do not already have one, our McCready Patient Care Coordination office (410-968-1200, Ext. 3425) can provide you with the forms and information you need to prepare your Advance Directive. Your attorney can also assist you.