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McCready associates step up to support cancer research

Susan Evans & Dr. Sidney Barnes (MAY 20, 2010) -- A cookbook sale held today in the lobby of the original hospital generated $1,000 in donations for breast cancer research.

The response by McCready associates and Crisfield residents who pre-ordered the book wildly exceeded organizers' expectations.

"Dishing Up Maryland," features recipes from across the state and includes one for a traditional Smith Island cake  Susan Evans follows.

Evans works in McCready's Human Resources office - and operates a bed-and-breakfast inn on Smith Island, where the book's author discovered her hostess' talent for baking a 10-layer version of the official state dessert.

About the time the cookbook came out, McCready surgeon Sidney Barnes began raising money to participate in a "Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure" event where he plans to walk 60 miles.

The Komen organization focuses on fund-raising for breast cancer research, a subject close to Barnes' heart and other members of his family.

Susan graciously agreed to help Dr. Barnes raise money for that cause by sponsoring a book sale. Because she is profiled in the book, she was allowed to make a bulk purchase at a discount.

She volunteered to convert a portion of the sales into a contribution to Barnes, who along with his two sisters, have set a goal of raising $8,700.

"It was a great idea. I'm glad we did it. It was for a good cause," said Susan, who had an aunt succumb to breast cancer. "Hopefully, some day they'll find a cure."

"I was very touched by Susan's decision to help support my family's cause with her book sale," Barnes said.

"When I found out how much she was contributing, I was awestruck," he added. "Words can't describe my gratitude by Susan's generosity. I feel blessed."