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McCready Memorial Hospital
Outpatient Center
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Chesapeake Cove Assisted Living on the Bay
Pulmonary treatment
Cardiac Rehabilitation & Community Fitness
Imaging Services
Laboratory Services
Medical-Surgical Unit
Surgical Services
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Diabetes Management


Stacy Shockley McCready's clinical laboratory is staffed by certified medical technologists and supervised by a clinical pathologist.  Our Lab is Joint Commission certified. We perform most lab tests and can send blood samples to other laboratories as well. For your convenience, we will draw blood for tests at no charge for individuals whose insurance requires testing be done by LabCorp. We are open at 7:30 a.m. daily and have Saturday hours.  Contact the laboratory at (410) 968-1047 or by e-mail our lab manager,  Kristen Scott .

Diagnostic Services


Patients who live or work close to McCready Memorial Hospital can have most laboratory and imaging tests done here, regardless of where their physicians offices are located. All that is needed is a doctor's prescription for the procedure. To preregister, call (410) 968-1030 on the day before you come in for testing.