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Staff Physicians
Visiting Physicians
Visiting Physicians

The McCready Outpatient Center houses “courtesy” offices for visiting physicians. They have private practices located outside of Crisfield, but also see patients at McCready. Below is a list of these doctors and their specialties, office hours and contact information.

Anthony Frey, M.D.: Wednesdays or Fridays, several times per month to accommodate appointments. Call 410 341-0300 for an appointment in Crisfield.


William Olischar, D.P.M.: two Friday mornings per month as needed to accommodate appointments. Call 410 968-3101 for an appointment in Crisfield.

Emergency Medicine

McCready Hospital's Emergency Department is staffed by physicians of Emergency Service Associates, a group practice specializing in emergency medicine and serving several other local hospitals as well. An emergency physician is available around the clock in McCready's emergency room.