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Ways to Give

We acknowledge gifts ...
At McCready, we believe every gift - no matter how small or how large - should be acknowledged.

When you make a donation to McCready, you will receive a personal letter of thanks noting the amount of your gift and the fund or program to which it is given. You can use this letter for tax purposes as allowed by state and federal laws.

If your gift is in memory of someone, we can notify the family of the deceased that you've given a donation in his or her name. We do not divulge the amount of your gift.

Memorials are recorded in the Memorial Book in the hospital main lobby for all to read.

If you've told us your contribution is in lieu of a birthday or holiday gift for someone, or in someone's honor, we will gladly notify the honoree of your generosity. Again, we will not divulge the amount.

For more information call (410) 968-1200.

We respect your privacy
We only share information about you, or the size of your gift, with staff members or other individuals on a need-to-know basis. We do not sell your contact information or that of our other donors to any other organization.   If you wish your gift to remain anonymous, please tell us and we will honor your wishes.