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Remember the McCready Foundation in your will and trusts

Your gift to the McCready Foundation today touches the patients who come to our hospital as well as the people who live at the Alice B. Tawes Nursing & Rehabilitation Center.

Your generosity and compassion has the potential to impact the future. Please consider a gift to the McCready Foundation in your will, or setting up a trust naming the McCready Foundation as the beneficiary.

Gifts can take many forms; from a simple tax-deductible cash bequest to gifts of stock, an insurance policy, retirement plan funds or property.

Ask your attorney or your financial advisor how to plan your lasting gift.

To learn more about how you can support the McCready Foundation, call (410) 968-1200

You may also want to consider establishing a fund to benefit the McCready Foundation. That can be done through the The Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore, Inc.  Contact CFES at (410) 742-9911.